CTAB Agreement V12 & MOU- during COVID 19

CTAB Agreement between BUSD and CTAB Version 12

Ed Action

Educators are rising to the challenge of the coronavirus crisis in so many ways—changing how they teach and making sure all their students stay active, fed, and connected to one another.  

But what is our secretary of education doing? 

Betsy DeVos is shamefully using this global crisis to push her privatization agenda.

Contact Congress TODAY and tell them to reject Betsy DeVos’s latest plot to undermine public education. 

In her new scheme, DeVos would use “microgrants” to siphon scarce public funding to private programs. 

I say, if it looks like a voucher program, acts like a voucher program, and sounds like a voucher program, there’s only one thing it can be.  

Email Congress and tell your representatives to stop Betsy DeVos’s latest voucher scheme in its tracks.

Students, parents, and educators need real help, not another attempt to take funding away from the most vulnerable students.  

Betsy DeVos should look at what educators are doing for their students. She should help them, not undermine them. 

Thank you again for all you’re doing in these unprecedented times. 

Stay safe and stay strong,  

— Lily 

Lily Eskelsen García 
National Education Association 


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